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Newspaper Articles on Cannabis Cultivation in the UK


Weed out the child traffickers

According to Swati Pande, people in Britain should be paying as much attention to where the cannabis they smoke at festivals and parties comes from as they do to the provenance of the chicken they eat.



Inside the Business of Human Trafficking

In Jan 2011, I met a soft-spoken Vietnamese teenager under the railway lines at London Bridge station, while making an investigative documentary for Al-Jazeera English. As waves of commuters rushed past, over a coffee Tuan* recounted a story to me that seemed scarcely possible to believe. In fact, many in positions of power had not believed him, and for that, he had to pay the ultimate price for his crime - imprisonment, the threat of deportation, and a permanent criminal record.


Trafficking victim’s nightmare journey to UK drug farm

As a senior judge rules those who have been convicted of crimes after being trafficked into the UK are victims, not criminals, Channel 4 News meets one boy forced to work on a cannabis farm in Harrow.


David Cameron vows to tackle trafficking of Vietnamese children

Fact-finding mission will examine how to stop traffickers in Vietnam, while big UK firms will have to show how they are preventing human slavery


Trafficked and enslaved: the teenagers tending UK cannabis farms

Vietnamese teens are tending Britain’s makeshift drug factories in empty buildings from suburban homes to a nuclear bunker. Here are their stories

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Victims trafficked from Vietnam to work on illegal UK cannabis farms

A BBC investigation has found many of the people trafficked into the UK have already spent many months or years travelling before they arrive here. They face violence and are treated like slaves by the criminal gangs transporting them. 


Cannabis farms fuel human trafficking, report says

Police chiefs’ study draws link between drug cultivation, modern slavery and people living illegally in UK


UK police criticised for failure to help enslaved cannabis farmers

Independent anti-slavery commissioner urges police forces to target criminal gangs trafficking Vietnamese teenagers to UK



Modern slavery on UK cannabis farms

The anti-slavery commissioner has complained that data gathering for tracking victims of cannabis farms is “a mess” (Police ‘failing to tackle’ slave trafficking on cannabis farms, 25 March). 


Child trafficking victims disappearing from UK care at 'alarming' rate

Report says true scale of trafficked children who have gone missing is unclear as many local authorities lack data on how many are in their care.


3,000 children enslaved in Britain after being trafficked from Vietnam

Like many Vietnamese children, Hien was brought to Britain for a life of modern slavery. He ended up in prison on cannabis offences. We report on the gangs expanding across the UK and efforts to help their victims.


Modern slavery and human trafficking on the rise in UK

Demand for cheap goods, cheap labour and cheap sex has driven a steep increase in the number of victims reported to authorities.


UK Border Force 'failing to identify thousands of modern slavery victims'

The UK Border Force is “missing thousands of victims of modern slavery at our borders” and identified and convicted only one trafficker last year, according to a damning inquiry report by two official watchdogs. 

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Children trafficked to UK to work in cannabis factories

Metropolitan Police and the Association of Chief Police Officer's lead officer on tackling cannabis cultivation says they have found trafficked children working in cannabis factories in the UK. Commander Allan Gibson told BBC Radio 5 live "we have 39 cases of this identified in the last year where the children have been trafficked to the United Kingdom". 

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Threefold rise in child trafficking into Scotland

The trafficking of vulnerable children into Scotland has risen threefold since 2011, according to new figures. More than half of the 105 children who were found to have been trafficked in the past five years were Vietnamese, brought in to work on cannabis farms and in the sex industry. Seven of the children have since disappeared from care, thought to have been taken by their traffickers. One service provider said the figures were "just the tip of the iceberg".

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Vietnamese trafficking victims winappeal against convictions

Three children from Vietnam who were trafficked to the UK and forced to work for criminal gangs have had their criminal convictions quashed. The children were arrested after police raids on cannabis factories and later convicted of drug offences. The judge said they were victims of a "vile trade in people" and should not have been prosecuted.


Trafficked children working in UK 'cannabis farms'

Children are being trafficked into the UK to work in so-called 'cannabis factories' according to police.